what is algodrops about
what is algodrops about

AlgoDrops is a place where you can get cryptocurrencies for free, as well as access to tools to power your Algorand ASA.
We love blockchain. We love Algorand.


Because using our minds and time for a good cause never hurts, and because we love supporting the Algorand ecosystem!

how does the system works

Through collaborations, donations and our own money, we keep the site and its functionalities online 24/7. Everything that requires development or work, we do it ourselves.

Algodrops.org aims to be a major player on the ASA scene in the Algorand ecosystem, providing tools for early, simplified and mass adoption of Algorand Standard Assets.
Thanks to the collaboration with other projects, at AlgoDrops you can receive many free cryptocurrencies (tokens) every day, in addition to other ASAs that we give away, such as Yieldly and Smile. Just leave your public address and receive them! Hassle-free, secure and totally free of charge