Frequently asked questions

What do I need to receive an airdrop?

Only a public address of an Algorand wallet! It is important that the wallet you are using has at least 0.1 Algorands in it and that you have included the asset you will receive in case they are not Algos.

How often do drops reset?

It depends on one's configuration, but most of the time it is once a day.

At what time are the resets?

00:00 UTC. You can check the time here.

Why do I see the message, 'there was an error'?

This message could be related to the security measures put in place to prevent abuse of the system. If you think this is not your case, you can send us an email with your public address to be reviewed.

Why do I see the message, 'there was an unexpected error'?

Sometimes it happens when the wallets we use run out of Algo or the token to be used for the drop. It also happens when the Algorand node we use for transactions is not working properly. Please notify us of this error when it happens to you in order to restore the service as soon as possible.