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Who are we?

A cryptocurrency that is helping to clean the earth's oceans.

About Us

Started with two surfers who want a clean ocean and also share a passion in blockchain technology to change the world for the better.  We are hoping we can grow this currency to help encourage and fund ocean clean up.

What is Clean Ocean Token(FISH)?

It's a token that represents the amount of trash in our oceans currently. The goal is to pay people and companies to remove the trash using this token.  You get one token for every piece of trash you remove no matter how small.

Can I buy Clean Ocean Token(FISH) if i dont want to clean beaches or rivers?

Yes we encourage this as the price goes up it will enable us to pay companies to clean the ocean.  By buying and holding you are helping the oceans!  You can buy from from HERE

Why did we build the token on Algorand?

We love the ocean and the earth and so does Algorand, Algorand blockchain is carbon negative, they use pure proof of stake to secure the blockchain instead of proof of work which uses massive amounts of energy.  Purchasing Clean Ocean Token on Algorand cost fractions of a cent verses massive gas fees on etheruem network

Is Clean Ocean Token A Verified Algorand Asset?

Yes! we are one of the few verified Algorand assets.

we are happy we have Partnered with ALGODROPS to send out secure,Fast and efficient Airdrops to the public. For more information please visit anyone of our social media sites or our website! Social Sites